Fatima's Story of Abuse

Through your support Uplift Charity is able to offer much needed assistance to the families and individuals in times of need. Fatima was going through the most difficult time of her life. She was a victim of domestic violence. Find out how Uplift Charity was able to help her in such a difficult time.

Fatima’s Journey Towards Self-Sufficiency

My name is Fatima and I am 35 years old. I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. I had a perfect life back in my home country. After recently getting married, I came to the United States, where I found myself in a situation that was just too difficult to bear. I needed assistance because my husband was treating me very badly to the point of physically abusing me.

I contacted a mosque where they recommended to me Uplift Charity, an organization that helps Muslims and non-Muslims in difficult times. During this time, I was stressed and afraid of my husband because he would not even let me use the phone. If he found out that I was using the phone it could make things worse for me.

One day while my husband was away, I managed to call Uplift Charity. I was referred to the operations director, Dr. Ahmed. He listened to what I had to say and assured me that he would do his best to help. This helped to calm me and gave me much needed strength. I will never forget his words when he told me, "we are your family, do not worry anymore.

After he took all my information, he sent two of his team members; Mohammed and Sonik. They were very kind and knew what to do after understanding my situation and the difficult condition I was facing.

With all of the moral support of Uplift Charity I started to feel so much better about my situation. They conducted their assessment, analyzed my situation, and then they proceeded to tell me the plan. Uplift Charity team helped me by renting a room for me and took me to the Social Service Agency so I could receive food stamps and medical insurance.

Although another organization told me that it would take 30 days to receive medical insurance, I was very impressed that Uplift Charity was able to get the medical insurance for me within 48 hours. This was something beyond my expectation and I am so grateful that an organization like this exists. It is as if they can provide a solution for almost everything. They showed me their professionalism and at the same time they were humble and kind individuals.

Thankfully, as a result, I was beginning to feel emotionally and psychologically relieved. I would not forget Kareem. He was the first one who had answered my phone call. I will never forget his help when he scheduled my doctor’s appointment and interpreted for me throughout the process.

Based on my experience with the Uplift team, I have learned many things by listening to issues other people are facing, supporting them regardless of their religion or nationality, showing respect, being honest and steadfast. They really lifted me up and I wish them the best as they showed me their best.

Thank you very much to the Uplift team! Fatima

Distribution in Santa Ana

On January 8th, Uplift partnered with ISOC to provide prepared meals and new clothing from our sponsors to the homeless families and individuals residing in an open area in Santa Ana near the courthouse.

We thank you our following generous sponsors for their support in helping those in need:


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Uplift'ng News - Issue No. 50 August 2016

Daily Case Management Report for July

1) Our team has reached out and conducted several jail visits in Irvine and Santa Ana to provide books and emotional support to detainees who remain in detention given their lack of documentation. They can languish there for months or even years. Currently there are more than 1,000 very isolated people in Orange County alone. They do not have a right to an attorney or even a phone call. The visits are to give them strength in a very difficult and lonely time in their life.

2) Our team attended the Orange County Financial Stability Alliance meeting to learn about the importance of financial stability and the available resources to help our community members.

3) We would like to extend a big welcome to our newest case manager Sonik Sadozai! We are so happy to have her on the team especially given her passion in helping families in the community and her terrific work ethic.

Never Stop Believing in Yourself - Sleepless and Homeless in Orange County

I would like to share with you my journey of being homeless for the past six months. I became unemployed in February of 2016, which inevitably led to the loss of my home. I am a single parent with a 19- -years old son who is into his second year of college. My son and I went through this difficult time together, determined to stay together in our car and not to resort to a shelter.  We didn't want to deal with the torture of being split up in separate shelters, so therefore we slept in our car together for 6 months. On occasion we would get a motel to get a good rest and sleep. Money was scarce since my only source of income was my unemployment benefits. The benefits depleted in July, which made the crisis even worse. When looking for a job, I somehow managed to conduct phone interviews from the front seat of my car using Skype. Interviews went on as scheduled just as if I had a home to prepare in and get ready for them. I never let this situation come in the way of moving forward. I had a vision, a goal and being homeless wasn't going to stop me. I kept on reminding myself that I was going to get through this and that God has "never left me nor forsaken me", He's been there for me in the past and He will be there for me again now.

Sadly, sometimes friends are not there when you need them, not even for a night of rest or a place for a few days. But, God always made a way out of it for us.  God would send someone unexpectedly our way every time.

Recently, I received a job offer, which was absolutely fantastic news.  However, I was still homeless and I was trying to figure out how I'd be able to work while living in my car.  That's when I sat down, went onto the Internet and did some research on local charities, churches and non-profit organizations to see where that might lead me. Most of the places I called said they only served people who were local residents who resided in the area. I never stopped calling and asking around, and taking referrals and leads until I found a source that could help me.

During my search a mosque in Anaheim, CA referred me to Uplift Charity. I reached out to Uplift explaining my situation to them and letting them know I could use their financial assistance and guidance. They said they'd assist me!  Uplift Charity went above and beyond to help my son and me.  They kept their word, stood by me, gave me support when needed, which will never be forgotten.

Now, I have gone from homeless to having a home thanks to organizations such as Uplift Charity, Mosques and churches who extended a helping hand. The most difficult part of this whole situation was not the fact that we were sleeping in the car or being homeless, but asking for financial support. But being on a mission of determination, my faith got me through all of these months. This has made me a stronger person and brought me even closer to God.  This whole situation has made me realize so many things.  It has given me a whole different perspective on ordinary everyday things.  I've come a long way with all of this, even prior to six months ago when it was just as difficult with this same homeless situation.

However, now things are totally different. I'm back on my feet again, I have a home and a job. I hope my story has been an inspiration to others who may be going through the same ordeal. Do as I did, stay strong, never stop believing in yourself and God.

If you'd like to support a family financially, please visit www.UpliftCharity.org and make a donation. If you'd like to mail a check, make it payable to Uplift Charity and mail to Uplift Charity, P.O.Box 6197, Anaheim CA 92816. If you have questions or feedback, email us at info@UpliftCharity.org or call us at: 714-614-7324.  

Charity does not in any way decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect; and the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation (of the people). - Sahih Muslim: Book 032 | Hadith 6264

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May 18, 2015

UPLIFT Charity held it's 3rd annual gala marking its ninth year of operations. The event was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Garden Grove and was attended by more than 350 supporters. Renowned scholars, Imams, community leaders and a special guest (UPLIFT's Client), sister Jill, spoke at the event. Shaikh Suhail Mulla got the event started by sharing a story about a miracle which happened to a man who gave sadaqa to an elderly woman who was in great need of help. Shaikh Mohammed Faqih then emphasized the importance of consistency in giving and gave an example of one of the companions of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Each time that he asked people to support the growing Muslim community's needs, Usman (RA) responded to the call by giving, over and over again. Shaikh Mustafa Umar, founder of the College of Islamic Studies and UPLIFT board member, then focused on the importance of giving in Islam. 

Owaiz Dadabhoy, President of UPLIFT Charity, briefed the attendees on the achievements of UPLIFT, not only in the past 12 months, but since its inception. He detailed the types of families that were seeking assistance and mentioned that 25 Syrian asylum seekers were currently being assisted by UPLIFT. He also mentioned that 25 refugee families from Iraq, Egypt, Kenya, Somalia, Burma, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, and Iran were also currently being assisted. He announced UPLIFT Charity's expansion to the Long Beach/Los Angeles areas due to a greater and growing need. 

UPLIFT client, Jill, attended the gala with her two young twin daughters and her young son. She shared her heart-wrenching story with the participants and explained how she came in contact with UPLIFT after reverting to Islam and how the UPLIFT team assisted her in the most difficult and stressful phase of her life. She told the audience that she had tried over 30 other charities and was rejected each time before reaching out to UPLIFT on the advice of a local community leader. After receiving support from UPLIFT with finding a proper accommodation, Jill is now self-sufficient and is on her way to establishing her own small business. Jill's story was shared with the guests to give them first hand information and insight about how UPLIFT Charity handles cases and helps to change the trajectory of the lives of the families that it assists.

A special feature of the event this year was the silent auction which contained a variety of gift items and a number of beautiful Islamic art items that were auctioned on the stage. Participants of the event enjoyed great food, words of wisdom from great speakers and donated to the cause with open hearts. UPLIFT Charity is the people's local Zakat administrator, established by the community and for the community. The fundraising goal was nearly achieved and only $25,000 remains to be raised.

For the past several years I have followed the work of UPLIFT Charity and the services it has provided in the greater OC area. When Dr. Ahmed came on board my relationship with UPLIFT became cemented. My name is Sammy Ahmed and I've been the Office Manager at Masjid Al-Ansar in Anaheim for the last three years. Those familiar with our community know that we sit in the heart of Anaheim with one of the largest Arab populations in the country. Many of whom are new refugees coming from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria. Read More>>>

"She hugged us, said goodbye, and wished us a great new start."

- Gladys Landry (UPLIFT Client)

My 13-year-old son and I became homeless after our new business went down and lost our family home. Without knowing how I was going to get off the street back into the comfort of a home, I was referred to UPLIFT Charity by a wonderful lady that I met at the library. She gave me the contact number and said: "UPLIFT will help you just like they have helped me." After contacting the UPLIFT number, a Case Manager, Ms. Sahar Ali, conducted an interview to understand our situation and to determine whether we qualified for assistance from UPLIFT Charity. They helped my son and I get on the greyhound bus to go home to be close to my family where I was offered a new job. This was a chance to regain what was lost. Knowing that I did not even have enough money to take a ride to the greyhound station, Ms. Ali offered to pick us up and took us to the greyhound station. She hugged us, said goodbye and wished us a great new start. 

My son and I are so grateful to UPLIFT Charity for all the help and kindness that they have offered us in the time of great need. They gave me a ray of hope and helped me take the first step towards a new and better life.

Thank You!

How UPLIFT Helps:

UPLIFT Charity leverages its established network and professional case managers to deliver immediate help to the less fortunate segments of our community. UPLIFT is a life line for many people including; refugees, homeless, low-income and people who are unemployed. Learn more