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"Heartfelt Farewell from a Case Manager"

Kareem Elsherif

"Having the ability to relieve the burdens of others each and every day is an incredible feeling. Helping families become self-sufficient brings a feeling of peace to my heart."

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Uplift Charity's "Refugee Tutoring Program"

Since January of 2017 you've been reading highlights about Uplift Charity's "Refugee Tutoring Program." Let's take a deeper look at what the program entails, and let's hear from our dedicated tutors that have made the program a success.


Soon after the idea of providing tutoring services took shape, Wajiha, known to many as Jia, took reigns of the program to take it to the next level. Under Jia's leadership we contacted refugee families with school-aged children that Uplift had already been assisting to understand their needs and expectations from such a program.

Scholastic tutoring was the obvious ask, but through conversation we realized that many children fall behind in their studies due to their social woes. Language barriers stand in the way of making friends. And not having a core group of friends makes it hard to focus on studies, because children are thinking about how they'll sit alone at lunch, or play alone during recess.

The Tutoring Program helps children learn cultural norms - how to "fit in." Exposes children to socializing with tutors who are as much American as they are Muslim and ethnic. Tutors are able to relate to these children, and relay necessary cultural information at the same time. Our dedicated tutors have made the program unique.

We plan to add a second location next school year.

Sr. Salma, Sr. Hawa & Sr. Marisa have tutored with the program from the very start and have been instrumental in the success of the program. They quickly added to their roles as a tutor to also oversee the curriculum each student enjoys.

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