A Journey from Being on the Streets to a Cozy Home

We are a new refugee family who came from Afghanistan. I came to the United States with my wife and a three-year-old daughter a few months ago. We don’t have any relatives here so we initially spent two days on the street and then someone told us about Uplift Charity. They asked if we knew about them but since we were new we did not know about Uplift or any other organization that could help us in this situation. The gentleman who guided us to Uplift Charity was a local brother named Mohammad. He came and picked us up from the street and took us to a motel. At that time my wife, daughter and I were ill. But when we reached the motel, we started to feel a bit of relief.

He got in touch with Uplift Charity for us, and that’s when Uplift started assisting us by providing clothes, household items and other necessities. They helped us to get into an apartment and assisted with some early rental payments.

Uplift wanted to get us on our feet completely and because my wife had just given birth they gave us a car that had been donated to Uplift. We felt like this was something we needed desperately. The hospital, grocery store, and everything else is so far away from our apartment when you have to walk or take the bus. Going back and forth to the hospital wouldn’t have been easy without proper transportation. We were having to visit the hospital regularly since my wife underwent a C-section delivery.

Due to all these acts of kindness, I am writing this letter as a way of expressing my gratitude and thankfulness to Uplift Charity and its supporters. Special thanks to the staff, Dr. Ahmed, Br. Karim, Sr. Noor and all other team members whom I don’t know their names but I would like to thank everyone on behalf of my family and all other refugees who came from around the world and were greeted with welcoming and warm hands. Uplift Charity, its team, donors and their families should be proud of themselves for assisting refugee families during their hardships.

Thank you for working hard around the clock to uplift families in need, in their hour of despair. I would strongly request community members and other organizations to support Uplift Charity in any way that is possible. May God bless all of you!

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