Activities Nov - Dec 2017

1. During this period, we provided two cars to families in need. Most of the cars we give to families are given to us by our amazing supporters and donors. Doing something great for people in need while receiving a tax donation receipt in the process.

2. Uplift Charity began its Food Pantry six months ago. Every second Saturday of the month we give out boxes of food with freshly purchased items. The distribution is done at the Islamic Society of West Coast, aka Al-Ansar Masjid. In November 108 families in need visited us to receive the food items. Each box has roughly 35 pounds of food including rice, lentils, honey, and 10 other items. We are excited to continue this program into the New Year.

3. Every month Uplift receives meat which is received directly from the farm. The Uplift team distributes the meat to those most in need during the month. An amazing act o charity from our monthly meat donors.

4. Our Children's Refugee Tutoring program is offered throughout the regular school year from 10:00AM to 11:30AM every Saturday at ISOC, aka Garden Grove Masjid. The program consists of one on one tutoring for children from 6 to 17 years of age. We are continuing our search for Arabic and Farsi speakers to be a part of our tutoring team. Please reach out if interested,

5. To support the detained asylum seekers, our team regularly makes jail visits in Irvine. We provide them with books, small financial deposits, and most importantly emotional support. We encourage our community to involve themselves with these individuals so that we can better provide them with their basic needs. Many of these detained individuals are eventually freed without ever being charged. It is a system of holding people until something can be decided. Unfortunately, the detention is difficult to endure without contact from family, friends or community members. They feel all alone and emotionally sick.

6. Uplift Charity has been able to provide refugees with food vouchers, donated furniture, and new clothing. These basic necessities allow our new community members to find comfort in their new homes. Many thanks for the continued support of our donors.

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