Community Eid Carnival & Eid Meat Distribution 12th Year in a Row by Uplift Charity

Nur Seirafi - Volunteer

Uplift Charity is dedicated to giving back to their community. At the beginning of the month, Muslims around the world had celebrated another blessed day of Eid, Eid Al-Adha, which translates to ‘Festival of the Sacrifice’, is when Muslims worldwide celebrate by coming together with family and friends while also providing meat, as a form of charity to those in need. For the 12th year in a row Uplift Charity held Eid festivities in support of their community by providing toys, games to the young children, free haircuts, health assessments, BBQ dinner, gift-cards to cover basic needs, and also the distribution of meat donated by Islamic Relief USA.

Being invited as a volunteer, I was able to witness families coming together to enjoy a night of fun at the Eid carnival. Children were running around joyfully, getting their henna done, playing musical chairs, pony rides, enjoying a game of basketball, while the adults were able to gather and catch up with old friends while making new ones. Many attendees were surprised about the multitude of ethnicities and backgrounds that attended.

They were able to come together by not only celebrating differences but also realizing their similarities. Many of those who attended were taken aback by how the celebration reminded them of how they used to enjoy their holiday in their country of origin. Parents saw their children excited for the first time since their migration to the United States. What drew me to involve myself with Uplift Charity was the organization's ability to provide support to their community through empathy and compassion. The Eid carnival is a testament to their commitment in providing services to the most vulnerable individuals in the local community.

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