Monthly Update March 2017

Monthly Update March, 2017

1) Uplift Charity has donated 4 cars to refugee families who are in need this month. We outreach and encourage our donors, community members, and supporters, to donate cars as it makes a significant change in the lives of families in need.

2) Our team assisted many of the new refugees arriving from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan with greatly needed furniture items, household items, as well as connecting them to social service benefits. We want to extend a sincere thank you to our community members who donated their furniture to those in need.

3) Due to the increasing number of refugee students interested in our program, Uplift is in need of volunteers to help out as refugee student tutors. Our tutoring program is designed to help refugee kids receive one-on-one tutoring sessions.

4) This month our team has assisted many of the new arriving refugees to become registered students in their local community college where they will begin their journey in developing their communication skills and learn other valuable skills for employment.

5) Our team has reached out and conducted several jail visits in Irvine to assist detained asylum seekers with emotional support, books, and commissary deposits. We want to encourage the community to provide more support to these individuals as they are truly in need of our emotional support and time.

6) Uplift staff attended the Orange County Financial Stability Alliance meeting to discuss the importance of financial stability and the available resources to help our community members.

7) Uplift team attended the Orange County Refugee Forum in Anaheim to discuss major contemporary issues affecting refugees.

8) Our team attended the Irvine Tech luncheon to discuss and present opportunities for attaining job related skills and training.

9) Uplift’s Director of Operations has met with ResCare to discuss a future cooperation agreement to help job seekers in attaining necessary experience leading to employment.

10) We would like to extend a sincere thank you to the community members who are donating meat on a monthly basis. This kind of donation benefits esp

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