Testimonials from Clients and Supporters

Jill Nguyen, Client

“After attending the Uplift annual Gala on the evening of Saturday May 13th, I have been inspired to spread the word of all the good deeds Uplift does with my friends, family and business associates. I hope this inspire more people to support this amazing charity organization financially. It's refreshing to see a charity that truly cares about their clients and wants to empower their clients to become self-sufficient. Well done, Uplift Charity, God willing your work will improve the lives of many more people in need."

Mohammad Arif Abdullah, a Gala attendee from One Stop Center

"I'm really impressed by Uplift Charity and the great work it is doing for our community. I had only heard a lot of positive things about Uplift Charity in the past. Today I experienced it firsthand. I would like to 100% support this organization. I will refer my clients from the One Stop Center going forward."

Omar Alchmaa, Supporter

"I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Uplift Charity on a very successful fundraiser this past Saturday. It was exceptional meeting all of the refugees that you've helped, get established in their new country. Without your support, many families would still be struggling with each and every obstacle that we take for granted. I look forward to continuing to assist you in any way that I can so we can reach out to the most people." (40 Refugees were invited guests at the gala)

Khoshnow, Client

"I'm sorry I couldn't come to this beautiful event because I'm working now seven days a week. Which is why I thought to at least send a message to tell everybody how much Uplift helped and changed my life by teaching me how to fish rather than giving me the fish. After I knew Dr. Ahmed Almukhtar, I never felt that I was alone in this country. Uplift was available whenever I needed the support, guidance and solutions. After paying my rent so many times, they helped me to buy a car and it was right at that point where my life really changed. I need to tell everyone who wants to donate money to donate it to Uplift Charity. It is the best place to donate and one can be sure that their money goes to the right people who really need help. Thanks a lot to the Uplift team and particularly Dr. Ahmed. Insha’Allah, very soon, I will be one of the people donating. May God bless you all."

Hamdallah Almiqdad, Client

"We had a lot of needs when we came to the U.S. I had to provide for a family of eight. Uplift Charity helped majorly and got me a car which will help me with taking the kids to school and going to work. Thank you to them and their supporters." A Oghaidi, Client "Uplift Charity has helped us with a lot of our needs since we arrived in the U.S. Uplift gave me a car recently and now I can commute to my work and sustain my job." S A Wakili, Client "I'm very thankful to Uplift Charity for the car they provided to me. It really helped solve my [transportation] problems. Without a car you can get late to work by missing a bus or catching a late bus. Now I feel good I won’t be late and risk my job.

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