Uplift’s Assistance Changed a Single Mother’s Life for Good

My name is Nawal and I am a mother of three kids. We belong to a country located in the Middle East, which is where we used to live. A Muslim man named Ali who lives in the U.S., was introduced to me. Later he asked me to marry him and promised to take care of my children and me. I moved to the U.S., along with my children and married Ali legally.

After three weeks passed, problems started between Ali and me. That’s when I realized he was a different man from the person that I knew before. Arguments started to erupt and issues escalated which ended up with domestic violence.

I have reports from the Police for domestic violence as Ali started hitting and abusing my children and me. We were forced to leave the house and had nowhere to go. We ended up on the street. I felt hurt and lost. Luckily, a friend of mine took me to a very nice Muslim woman who offered us to stay at her place temporarily. She also gave me Uplift Charity’s phone number.

The next day, I called Uplift Charity and I was surprised as they came on the same day to meet with me and evaluate my case. Uplift helped me to rent a room, provided me with furniture, and fulfilled other basic needs of ours. They gave me the guidance and direction to overcome all the difficulties and to resettle here in California.

Uplift case managers followed up with me on a daily basis. I am very grateful to the team members, especially Dr. Ahmed who visited me, gave me emotional support, and drew a self-sufficiency plan for me. I cannot return to my country, therefore, I reached out to an attorney who adjusted my immigration status that legally extends my residency in the U.S., until I get my green card. Uplift case manager Mohammed helped me obtaining the Public Aid (cash aid, Medical and food stamps) from the social services agency, as I did not know I was entitled to all those benefits.

Recently I received my work permit and I am getting a new job soon! Uplift has promised me to help me with a donated car, as soon as I get my driver’s license that will help me to commute to my new job.

No words can’t express completely my appreciation to Uplift Charity’s staff and my gratitude to my new brothers Dr. Ahmed, Kareem and Mohammed who literally joined me on my four-month journey from being on the street to now living a self-sufficient lift.

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