“With The Assistance and Support Given by Uplift Charity, We Now Feel We Can Make It in America.” – Natiq

“With The Assistance and Support Given by Uplift Charity, We Now Feel We Can Make It in America.” – Natiq

He fled Iraq with his two children and wife to find a safe haven in Turkey as the war in his home country deteriorated by the day. It had become very difficult for Natiq to continue a normal life because his children, particularly his two daughters, were confined to home, not able to attend school or just go about their day-to-day activities. They stayed for three years as refugees in Turkey with an undecided status and limited access to services.

It was in Turkey where they applied for immigration to the U.S. with the hopes of starting a new life in a much safer country where his daughters could have a brighter future. After a long wait, they were granted visas to enter the United States and finally arrived in California in late 2016. It wasn’t easy for Natiq and his family to settle in an environment in which every aspect of life whether it was the language, transportation, seeking a job or education was completely new. The intricacies of this new life were what they thought of as a challenge they had to grapple with on a daily basis. Lack of money, unemployment, limited language skills and having no ties in the U.S. all exacerbated their situation.

After Natiq was referred to Uplift Charity, case managers visited the family to carry out an assessment of their needs as part of the case management process. It was determined that the family needed assistance with rent, transportation, and a job for the head of the household. As a result, Uplift provided partial rental assistance to the family for a number of months and put Natiq in contact with several potential employers who had openings. The great news is, he landed a job and is now able to provide for his family! We recently transferred title of a Toyota Camry to Natiq so he can commute to work and sustain his employment.

Sharing his feedback after all the assistance he received from Uplift, Natiq said, “with the assistance and support given by Uplift Charity, we now feel like we can make it in America; my kids are going to school and my wife is leading a busy life at home taking care of our young children and other things. I want to sincerely thank Uplift Charity and its entire team for all they have done for me.”

There are many such stories of people that Uplift Charity provides much needed assistance to on a daily basis. It is your support which allows Uplift Charity to lend a hand to those who are in desperate need of such assistance. We look forward to your continued support so that Uplift Charity can continue to help families such as Natiq’s to gain self-sufficiency and live a life with dignity and respect.

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