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Thank you for supporting Uplift Charity and the families it serves.

Thank you for supporting Uplift Charity and the families it serves.

A heartfelt reflection from one of Uplift's unsung heroes.



Minaret's Miracle Makers

In our second month of partnership with the "Minaret's Miracle Makers," an Uplift and Minaret Academy's middle school students project, these young 6th, 7th & 8th graders raised money to gift two mattresses to a family in need.

The two young children in the family that will receive the mattresses have been sleeping on temporary air mattresses for the past several months. Since these mattresses are meant for temporary use, by the middle of the night, the air mattresses deflate and the children end up on the cold, hardwood floor.

The young kids can't wait to receive their mattresses this week - they already have their new sheets and pillows waiting to dress up their new mattresses.


Serving those Affected by the Gov't Shutdown

In collaboration with Shura Council and others, Uplift Charity had the privilege of serving government employees in their time of financial difficulty.

We met with a humbled group of TSA agents at John Wayne Airport. The most memorable moment of the meeting was when an agent said he wanted to take away more than just a monetary gift; he wanted to learn how to thank us in Arabic. We taught them how to say JazakAllahu Khair, and its profound meaning of more than a simple 'thank you.'


"If you have the power to make someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that."

- Germany Kent

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