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Thank you for supporting Uplift Charity and the families it serves.

Thank you for supporting Uplift Charity and the families it serves.


MLK Day of Service

Several nonprofit organizations from the Orange County community came together to serve families who need us most: the homeless and shelter-insecured.

Uplift Charity led an event at Mary's Kitchen to serve fresh warm meals to enjoy on location, bagged meals to take away, hygiene kits, warm clothes and shoes.

What made this effort special is that at the same time, more than a dozen other organizations were conducting similar efforts throughout the region to ensure that the homeless segment of our community are looked after.

Uplift's efforts would not be possible without the support and partnership of Mary's Kitchen, Simple Deeds and Minaret Academy Students. The hygiene kits provided by Minaret Academy students were a popular item. Simple Deed's brown paper bags filled with food for take-away was a great touch. 

And Mary's Kitchen, the beautiful venue for the event which serves hundreds of individuals every day made the event possible with its dedicated staff and well organized facility. We encourage you to visit the facility and volunteer there to serve those in need.

One of the gentleman we served told us he expected Muslims to all have long beards and be conservative in demeanor. Instead he found the volunteers "very cool to chit-chat with." A few of the volunteers and the gentleman connected over basketball.


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"The believer's shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity."

- Al Tirmidhi

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