Fatima's Story of Abuse

Through your support Uplift Charity is able to offer much needed assistance to the families and individuals in times of need. Fatima was going through the most difficult time of her life. She was a victim of domestic violence. Find out how Uplift Charity was able to help her in such a difficult time.

Fatima’s Journey Towards Self-Sufficiency

My name is Fatima and I am 35 years old. I have a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. I had a perfect life back in my home country. After recently getting married, I came to the United States, where I found myself in a situation that was just too difficult to bear. I needed assistance because my husband was treating me very badly to the point of physically abusing me.

I contacted a mosque where they recommended to me Uplift Charity, an organization that helps Muslims and non-Muslims in difficult times. During this time, I was stressed and afraid of my husband because he would not even let me use the phone. If he found out that I was using the phone it could make things worse for me.

One day while my husband was away, I managed to call Uplift Charity. I was referred to the operations director, Dr. Ahmed. He listened to what I had to say and assured me that he would do his best to help. This helped to calm me and gave me much needed strength. I will never forget his words when he told me, "we are your family, do not worry anymore.

After he took all my information, he sent two of his team members; Mohammed and Sonik. They were very kind and knew what to do after understanding my situation and the difficult condition I was facing.

With all of the moral support of Uplift Charity I started to feel so much better about my situation. They conducted their assessment, analyzed my situation, and then they proceeded to tell me the plan. Uplift Charity team helped me by renting a room for me and took me to the Social Service Agency so I could receive food stamps and medical insurance.

Although another organization told me that it would take 30 days to receive medical insurance, I was very impressed that Uplift Charity was able to get the medical insurance for me within 48 hours. This was something beyond my expectation and I am so grateful that an organization like this exists. It is as if they can provide a solution for almost everything. They showed me their professionalism and at the same time they were humble and kind individuals.

Thankfully, as a result, I was beginning to feel emotionally and psychologically relieved. I would not forget Kareem. He was the first one who had answered my phone call. I will never forget his help when he scheduled my doctor’s appointment and interpreted for me throughout the process.

Based on my experience with the Uplift team, I have learned many things by listening to issues other people are facing, supporting them regardless of their religion or nationality, showing respect, being honest and steadfast. They really lifted me up and I wish them the best as they showed me their best.

Thank you very much to the Uplift team! Fatima

Distribution in Santa Ana

On January 8th, Uplift partnered with ISOC to provide prepared meals and new clothing from our sponsors to the homeless families and individuals residing in an open area in Santa Ana near the courthouse.

We thank you our following generous sponsors for their support in helping those in need:


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