Our Services

Our focus is to work with some of the most vulnerable members of our local community, specifically those who have recently migrated with little or no support network; those who are without employment and seek it; the Muslims who live without shelter, food, and basic living essentials; children who have been orphaned; physically abused elderly, women and children; recent converts to Islam who need community support; as well as other disadvantaged segments of our community. 


Direct Financial Assistance

Uplift Charity utilizes its Direct Financial Assistance Program to assist clients in paying rent, utilities and essential bills. Uplift Charity also provides need essentials like food, clothing and other necessities. NO Zakah is ever used for any administrative or overhead costs.


Housing Assistance

Uplift Charity regularly assists clients that are homeless or near homeless find emergency and temporary shelter. Our goal is to ensure that no family is left to sleep on the streets. Uplift also provides assistance in helping our clients find a permanent living situation by providing guidance on available apartment options.

Employment Assistance

Uplift Charity is working to build a strong network of businesses and employers that we can leverage to help place our clients in interviews for jobs that they qualify for. Uplift also provides assistance with resume writing and interview strategies by offering Employment Empowerment Workshops.


food distribution

  • Food Pantry Distribution
  • Ramadan Boxing
  • Iftar for the Homeless 
  • Ramadan Iftar 
  • Qurbani Meat 
  • Winter Drive