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Uplift Charity's Saturday Tutoring Program

Uplift Charity's tutoring program was developed in 2016. We are proud to have started our 3rd year in September of 2018. This year we added a second location and quadrupled our student attendance. The primary goal of this program is to help children with their school work and cultivate a mentorship. We primarily focus on grade school students who have come to this country as refugees; these students often need the one-on-one attention to prevent them from falling behind in school. Uplift wants to ensure that these students who are at a slightly disadvantage since they are focused on acclimating to their new home and culture are able to be successful in school, have an opportunity to go to a recognized university, and ultimately have the confidence to pursue and practice any profession they’d like in order to better their own life and their family’s lives.

Volunteer-Tutors Qualifications & Expectations

  • Dedicate time from 10am - 12pm every Saturday through the regular school year until June 2019

  • Be consistent, punctual, and dependable as you will be assigned an individual student who will rely on you through the school year.

  • Be able to speak clearly and demonstrate patience with often struggling students.

  • Tutors must be 14 years old or above please.

Volunteer-Tutors Responsibilities

  • Complete weekly assessment sheets with your assigned student.

  • Communicate with the Tutoring Program Coordinator on a weekly basis.

  • Give your assigned student feedback which is easy to understand, and confirm that your student is understanding the subject matter.

  • Be able to cultivate a mentorship and trust with your student so that he or she feels comfortable enough with you and sometimes share their struggles within or outside of school which may be affecting their education (i.e. hunger at home, bullying by cohorts, discrimination by staff)

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